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Have you recently suffered a serious injury at work? When it comes to workers’ compensation cases in Georgia, you need expert legal representation by your side. Our dedicated team of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Georgia is here to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Win Big Law Specializes In Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

At the Win Big Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers focus on representing injured employees in Georgia workers’ compensation claims. Our extensive experience in this field sets us apart from other personal injury law firms. As a result of our experience and dedication, we routinely obtain successful outcomes for our clients.

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For The Justice You Deserve, Legal Representation Is Essential

You do not have to go through the complexities of a workers’ compensation claim alone. Skilled legal representation from a workers’ compensation attorney will ensure your employer’s insurance company does not take advantage of you and that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. Let us be your advocates in your time of need.

What Workplace Injuries And Job-Related Illnesses Are Covered In Georgia?

Under Georgia law (§ 34-9-1(2)), employees are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits. According to Georgia law (§ 34-9-1(4)), an employee is eligible for benefits if they suffered an injury while in the course of their employment. As defined by the Georgia Court of Appeals, an injury is compensable if it is causally connected to the employee’s working conditions.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries at the workplace can be debilitating. Injuries such as muscle strains and contusions are painful and usually require employees to undergo extensive physical therapy. Our Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers understand the challenges you’re facing and are committed to securing the compensation you need to recover.

Traumatic injuries

Traumatic Injuries

Some workplace accidents cause traumatic injuries that require immediate attention. Under Georgia law (§ 34-9-200.1(g)(6)), traumatic or catastrophic injuries are those that prevent victims from being able to resume their prior occupations. Due to the high financial value of these claims, expert witness testimony is necessary to prove the permanent nature of catastrophic injuries in workers’ compensation cases.

Occupational illnesses

Occupational Illnesses

Georgia law (§ 34-9-280(1)) defines occupational diseases as those “which arise out of and in the course of the particular trade, occupation, process, or employment in which the employee is exposed to such disease.” This means employees must prove the conditions of their jobs caused them to develop occupational illnesses. If your job-related illness has left you in a difficult situation, you can trust our Georgia workers’ compensation lawyers to guide you through the claims process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Mental health conditions

Mental Health Conditions

Mental health conditions arising from work-related stress can be just as debilitating as physical injuries. According to the Supreme Court of Georgia, an employee must have suffered some type of physical injury that caused their mental health condition. A workers’ compensation attorney at the Win Big Law Firm will advocate for your rights to receive the support and compensation you need.

What Happens If Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits End?

Workers’ compensation benefits end for a variety of reasons. Understanding what happens when workers’ compensation benefits end is crucial. The personal injury lawyers at the Win Big Law Firm are here to assist you in cases of termination, modification, suspension, or reinstatement of workers’ compensation benefits.

Termination Of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits can be terminated for a variety of reasons. In most cases, victims fully recover from their injuries and reach maximum medical improvement. In other cases, victims simply exhaust the benefits they are entitled to receive.

Modification Of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Employers and insurance companies are not allowed to unilaterally modify benefits. Instead, Georgia law (§ 34-9-104) requires an insurance company to prove an employee’s health condition has improved. Alternatively, an insurance company can seek a modification if they are able to prove the employee’s medical condition is unrelated to the accident.

Warning Signs Of Petition For Modification Or Termination

Recognizing the signs of a petition for modification is vital. If your employer’s insurance company orders you to undergo an independent medical examination, they may be considering filing a petition for modification. In order to modify workers’ compensation benefits, Georgia law requires insurance companies to file and mail a Form WC-2 to the workers’ compensation board and the employee.

Suspension Of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Insurance companies can petition to suspend workers’ compensation for a variety of reasons. Typically, they seek to suspend benefits due to:

  • employees who refuse suitable employment (§ 34-9-240), i.e., light duty.
  • employees refusing medical treatment (§ 34-9-200(c))

Should your benefits be suspended, our attorneys will work with you to contest the suspension.

Reinstatement Of Work Injury Benefits

Georgia law (§34-9-104) allows you to petition for the reinstatement of your workers’ compensation benefits. Specifically, if you can prove your condition has worsened, you can seek reinstatement. Additionally, you must be able to show you have suffered a loss of earning power, have been unable to obtain employment, and that you continue to suffer physical disabilities due to your work injury.

How To Challenge A Suspension Of Workers’ Comp Benefits In Georgia

According to the Georgia Supreme Court, you can challenge a suspension based on your refusal to accept light duty if you can prove your refusal was justified. You can also challenge a suspension based on procedural errors, such as the workers’ compensation insurance company’s failure to mail you a Form WC-2. The lawyers at the Win Big Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to fight for your rights and get your benefits reinstated.

How Do Win Big Attorneys In Georgia Stand Out?

Many personal injury law firms are only interested in simple cases that can be settled quickly. The workers’ compensation lawyers at the Win Big Law Firm are fearless litigators who routinely battle powerful workers’ compensation insurance companies. We treat each case with the utmost care and fight fiercely to achieve the best possible outcome.

Individualized Service

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Georgia stand out due to our individualized service and aggressive litigation style. Our commitment to personalized service means that we tailor our approach to your unique situation, providing the attention and support you need. We view you as a partner and will work with you to develop a successful litigation strategy for your case.

Aggressive Litigation Style

When it comes to litigation, our aggressive style sets us apart. Our Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys refuse to be intimidated by insurance companies. We’re not afraid to go the extra mile to secure the compensation and justice you deserve.

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If you’re in need of expert legal guidance for your workers’ compensation case, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your employer and their insurance company are hoping you fail to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer. Call Frank or Marisa today to discuss your specific situation and explore your options.

How To Help Win Big Lawyers In Georgia

When you are represented by the Win Big Law Firm, you have true partners by your side. There are several things you can do to improve the legal and factual strength of your workers’ compensation claim. Most importantly, do not talk to your employer’s insurance company following your workplace accident.

File A WC-14 Form

Under Georgia law (§ 34-9-80), you must give notice to your employer of your injury within 30 days of your injury. Following this, you must prepare and file a WC-14 Form, which officially opens your workers’ compensation claim. The WC-14 Form requires you to provide a description of the accident and your injury, along with the benefits you are seeking.

Gather All Of The Information Detailing Your Injury Or Illness

Compile all relevant information detailing your injury or illness to strengthen your case. Insurance companies frequently argue no accident occurred or that the injuries employees suffered are not work-related. Information such as witness statements and medical records can quickly defeat these defenses.

Call Win Big Law

Sadly, some employers use underhanded tactics when facing potential workers’ compensation claims. They tell injured employees to use their health insurance or to take vacation time in order to recover from their injuries. Contact the Win Big Law Firm today to learn how our workers’ compensation lawyers can protect your rights and get you the benefits you need to rebuild your life.

Meet With Your Own Doctor

The time following a work accident is crucial. Following a workplace accident, you should immediately obtain medical treatment. This ensures your injuries are properly diagnosed and treated.

FAQs About Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you have questions about the workers' compensation process in Georgia, you're not alone. The time following a work injury is stressful and frightening. The attorneys and staff at the Win Big Law Firm are always available to answer your questions.

Absolutely! Representation by a skilled Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial if your workers’ compensation claim was denied. Our Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys can help you appeal the denial, navigate the appeals process, and advocate for your rights to secure the benefits you deserve.

To some extent, injured workers are allowed to choose your own doctor. Under Georgia law (§ 34-9-201), you can pick a doctor from a panel approved by your employer. If your employer fails to maintain a proper panel, you can select any doctor you want to treat your injuries.

The duration of workers’ compensation medical benefits in Georgia can vary depending on the severity of your injury or illness. Under Georgia law (§ 34-9-200(a)(2)), injured employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a maximum of 400 weeks. However, you are entitled to additional benefits and payment of medical bills if you suffered a catastrophic injury.

Part-time and seasonal workers are indeed eligible for workers’ compensation coverage in Georgia. However, seasonal workers who are employed by farmers may not be eligible as Georgia allows farmers to opt out of purchasing workers’ compensation insurance. Additionally, independent contractors are generally not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

The type and amount of settlement you can expect depend on various factors, including the extent of your injuries or illness and your medical expenses. Depending on the facts of your case, our workers’ comp lawyers can negotiate either a full and final settlement in which you are paid a lump sum of money or an open settlement in which you receive less money but continue to receive future medical care. Under Georgia workers’ compensation law (§ 34-9-15), all settlement agreements must be reviewed and approved by the workers’ compensation board.

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Our legal services extend to various areas across Georgia. We typically represent injured workers from:

We will fight to get the benefits you need no matter where your accident occurred.

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