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Federal disability benefits are designed to assist disabled individuals who are unable to support themselves. At Win Big, our experienced Pennsylvania Social Security disability lawyers are here to help you navigate the complex process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits. Our Social Security disability attorneys understand the challenges you may be facing due to your disability and are committed to fighting to get you the SSDI benefits you need.

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Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

Determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits can be a complex task. To qualify for benefits, you must have a disability which will last at least one year or has the potential to be fatal. Our knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyers will evaluate your case and help guide you through the disability claims process.

List of Qualifying SSDI Impairments

To obtain SSDI benefits, you must be suffering from a disabling condition. The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a bluebook list of disabling medical conditions. If you are diagnosed with a medical condition listed in the bluebook, you are automatically considered disabled by the Social Security Administration. In short, you have a stronger social security disability claim if you are diagnosed with a disabling condition. 

You May Still Qualify If Your Disability Isn't Listed

Even if your medical condition is not listed in the bluebook maintained by the Social Security Administration, you may still be eligible for SSDI benefits. Specifically, you must present medical evidence showing you suffer from one or more of the social security disability impairments or another medically determinable impairment. Additionally, your impairment must reduce your functional capacity to perform daily tasks or work which is why you should first consult a Social security disability lawyer in southern Pennsylvania before filing a claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

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How a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

Navigating the SSDI application process can be overwhelming, but you do not have to do it alone. A social security disability lawyer can help strengthen your social security disability claim by gathering relevant medical evidence, preparing your social security disability application, and representing you in hearings before an administrative law judge. To build your claim, contact Win Big for a free initial consultation with a Social security disability insurance SSDI lawyer.

What to Do If Your SSDI Claim Gets Denied

If your claim for SSDI benefits is denied, it is not the end of the road. You have the right to appeal the decision to deny the claim. The skilled Social Security disability attorneys at Win Big will help you navigate the appeals process and maximize your chances of reversing the denial.

The Appeals Process for SSDI Denials

If your Social Security disability insurance claim is denied, you can seek a reconsideration which means the Social Security Administration will review your file. You can request a new disability hearing before an administrative law judge if the denial is not reversed. Finally, you can seek further appellate review before an Appeals Council and in Federal District Court.

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Reasons for SSDI Denials

Obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance is a frustrating process. In 2020, approximately 27% of Social Security Disability claims were approved. Applications for SSDI benefits are denied for various reasons, so representation by a Philadelphia disability lawyer is essential.

You Make Too Much Money

The Social Security Administration has income limits for SSDI benefits. This is known as the substantial gainful activity standard. Under Social Security regulations, if you are not blind and earn more than $1,470, your claim will be denied and you will not recover benefits.

Lack of Medical Records

Insufficient or incomplete medical records can weaken your initial claim and prevent you from receiving the financial assistance you need. Stated simply, applicants fail to provide complete medical records or fail to ensure the information in the medical records is correct. A Pennsylvania Social Security Disability attorney can work with you to gather all relevant medical documentation and ensure your medical history is accurately presented to support your social security disability claim.

Lack of Cooperation on Your Part

When making an SSDI claim, the social security system requires you to cooperate, e.g., undergo examinations by Social Security medical providers, etc. If you fail to cooperate, your SSDI claim will likely be denied. A Social Security lawyer will guide you through the process while ensuring you fulfill all necessary requirements.

Ignoring Your Doctor's Directions

Failing to follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment plan can raise doubts about the severity of your physical impairments and disability claim. However, there are instances in which you may be excused from following your medical provider’s direction, including:

  • You or a close family member is mentally disabled
  • You were unable to attend a medical appointment due to a lack of support
  • Your medical treatment is improper
  • You are unable to afford your medical treatment

At Win Big, our experienced SSD attorneys will work with you to ensure you understand your doctor’s advice and receive the support you need to attend all medical appointments.

Disability is Tied to a Criminal Conviction

If you were injured while committing a felony, you are likely ineligible for social security benefits. Additionally, if you suffered an injury while in prison, your claim will likely be denied. Finally, your disability claim will probably be rejected if it becomes worse while you are incarcerated. 

Disability is the Result of Alcoholism or Drug Addiction

Generally speaking, mental and physical impairments resulting from alcoholism or drug addiction may complicate whether you receive benefits. Specifically, your disability claim will likely be denied if your drug or alcohol addiction is a contributing factor to your mental or physical disability. The experienced SSDI attorneys at Win Big will evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.

Social Security Disability Categories

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, your condition will be categorized as either “severe” or “non-severe.” Understanding these categories can help you determine your eligibility and strengthen your claim. Stated simply, the disability category affects whether a person will receive monthly social security disability payments.


A severe disability is one which significantly limits your ability to perform basic work-related activities such as standing, sitting, walking, or lifting. It must have lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months or result in death. A social security disability lawyer can assess the severity of your condition and gather the necessary evidence to demonstrate its impact on your ability to work.


A non-severe disability, although it may cause some limitations, is not considered severe enough to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. However, it is important to note that even if your condition is classified as non-severe, you may still be eligible for other forms of assistance. Our experienced disability attorneys will explore alternative options and guide you toward the appropriate resources.

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