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You have the legal right to seek workers’ compensation benefits when you suffer from an injury or illness due to your job. Win Big Law is here to help. Our experienced team of workers’ compensation lawyers serving Springfield, Pennsylvania can guide you through the workers’ compensation process and ensure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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Many personal injury attorneys are afraid to fight powerful workers’ compensation insurance companies. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers do not aim to win your case by obtaining a quick settlement. Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers want to help you win big. 

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance which provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill due to their job. Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to help you recover from your injuries while providing you and your family financial stability. Workers’ compensation is a form of “no-fault” insurance, which means you can still obtain workers’ compensation benefits even if your negligence caused your injuries.

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Who’s Eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Springfield, PA

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law broadly defines “employee.” Most employees in Springfield, Pennsylvania are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, including full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers. Except for independent contractors and volunteers, employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as long as they suffered an accidental injury while in the scope of their employment.

The 4 Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Following a job-related illness or workplace accident, injured employees often cannot work and require long-term medical treatment. Workers’ compensation insurance provides extensive benefits. Injured employees are entitled to claim these benefits.

Medical Bills

Before workers’ compensation insurance was introduced, injured workers were responsible for their medical expenses. Under Pennsylvania law, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for your medical treatment. However, you must treat with a doctor selected by your employer for the first 90 days following your accident.

Lost Wages

Like medical expenses, injured employees who could not work had to rely on charity, public benefits, or their families for financial support. According to Pennsylvania law, injured employees who cannot work can seek workers’ compensation total disability benefits (“TTD”) which pays 2/3rds of their average weekly wages. Similarly, injured workers who cannot return to work at full capacity and earn less money can seek temporary partial disability (“TPD”) workers’ compensation benefits which pays 2/3rds of their lost wages.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Some workplace accidents leave workers permanently disabled. This provides compensation for any permanent injuries or disabilities an employee may have suffered on the job. According to Pennsylvania law, permanency benefits provided by workers’ compensation are based on the extent of the employee’s injury and their pre-injury earnings.

Death Benefits

Sadly, some workplace accidents result in fatalities. Workers’ compensation provides death benefits. Specifically, family members can seek wage replacement benefits and financial compensation for funeral expenses.

How to File a Workers’ Comp Claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can become a complicated process which is why you should retain a workers’ compensation lawyer. At Win Big Law, our experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys can help. Our workers’ compensation lawyers will guide you through the process and ensure you file all necessary paperwork and meet all deadlines.

Win Big Lawyers Can Win Your Springfield, PA Workers’ Comp Case

Our workers’ compensation lawyers have the experience and resources to win your case. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers know how insurance companies operate and are well versed in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law. That is why our workers’ compensation lawyers are here to fight for injured workers.

Insurance Companies Have Resources (That You Do Not)

Insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize the compensation they have to pay injured workers. They hire aggressive defense law firms, private investigators, and willing doctors to find reasons to deny or undervalue workers’ compensation claims. Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys have the knowledge and experience to counter these tactics and ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

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Marisa, Frank, and Shu founded the Win Big workers’ compensation law firm after years of practicing criminal defense law and working at insurance defense law firm. We have built a strong reputation representing injured workers. Workers’ compensation insurance companies know who we are and know we are not afraid to litigate complex cases.

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How Were You Hurt on the Job?

Workplace accidents cause innocent victims to suffer a variety of injuries. There are many ways employees can be hurt on the job. Along with physical injuries, employees can become disabled due to mental health conditions and occupational illnesses.

Traumatic injuries

Broken Bones, Sprained Joints

Accidents at work can result in broken bones, sprains, and strains. These injuries can occur from a slip, trip, or fall, heavy lifting, or being struck by a falling object. Injured employees often require long-term physical and occupational therapy to fully recover.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Head Trauma, Contusions, Lacerations

Head trauma, contusions, and lacerations are common injuries in the workplace, especially in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. These injuries can have long-term effects on an employee’s health and well-being. Additionally, these injuries require employees to seek neurological care and physical therapy.

Occupational illnesses

Occupational Illnesses

Exposure to hazardous chemicals or fumes, repetitive strain injuries, and other occupational illnesses can occur in various industries. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under Pennsylvania law if you have been diagnosed with an occupational illness. Additionally, if you work in an industry with a long history of occupational diseases, Pennsylvania law presumes your disease is work-related.

Mental health conditions

Mental Health Suffering

Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder can be triggered or exacerbated by work-related stress or trauma. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you are struggling with mental health issues due to work. Specifically, under Pennsylvania law, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits if:

  • A physical injury causes you to develop a debilitating psychological condition
  • A work-related mental stressor causes you to develop a debilitating physical injury
  • A work-related mental stressor causes you to develop a psychological condition

The Next Steps For Win Big to Fight for You

You can take several steps following your accident to improve the legal and factual strength of your claim. Most importantly, you should document the facts of your accident and obtain potential witnesses’ names and contact information. You should also consult a workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure you fulfill the procedural requirements of the workers’ compensation claims process.

Reporting your injury to your employer is the first step in the workers’ compensation claims process. Under Pennsylvania law, you must report your injury within 120 days. If you fail to report your injury, you may be precluded from pursuing your workers’ compensation claim.

To start the workers’ compensation claims process, you must file a LIBC-100 form with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This form must be completed accurately and on time to ensure your claim is processed smoothly. The LIBC-100 form also places your employer’s insurance carrier on notice of your claim.

See your Physician

It is important to seek medical attention for your injury immediately. 90 days after your accident, you can obtain treatment from a medical provider of your choosing. Your doctor will evaluate your injury and provide a treatment plan which may include time off work, physical therapy, or medication.

Reach Out Win Big

Insurance companies do everything they can to make the workers’ compensation process more difficult to discourage injured victims. If you are struggling to navigate the workers’ compensation process or feel like your employer or insurance company is not treating you fairly, contact a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer at Win Big Law. Our workers’ compensation lawyers will fight to ensure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you need to rebuild your life.

Delaware County has a thriving economy. Despite extensive State and Federal regulations, workplace accidents occur with alarming frequency. Employees who work in some of Delaware County’s largest employers, such as UPS, Boeing, Riddle Memorial Hospital, and Mercy Catholic Medical, are at particular risk.

Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Nurses and healthcare workers are at high risk of suffering workplace injuries. This is due to the physical and emotional demands of their job. Nurses face constant exposure to infectious diseases, slips, trips, falls, and workplace violence.

Delivery Driver Injuries

Delivery drivers are exposed to daily hazards while driving on the road. Specifically, delivery drivers may suffer injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Along with motor vehicle collisions, drivers may suffer injuries from lifting heavy packages or repetitive stress injuries from driving.

Manufacturing Worker Injuries

Workers in the manufacturing industry face a range of hazards. These dangers include exposure to hazardous chemicals and machinery. Injuries can include cuts, lacerations, burns, and amputations.

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