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If you suffered a work injury in Reading, Pennsylvania or Berks County, you are not alone. As four of the top 10 employers in Reading are industrial in nature, it is not surprising that Berks County accounted for nearly three percent of workers’ compensation claims in Pennsylvania in 2021. If you were recently involved in a workplace accident, the Reading workers’ compensation lawyers at Win Big Law will not only fight to protect your rights but will also fight to get you the disability benefits you need to recover from your injuries and rebuild your life.

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At Win Big Law, our goal is to help you secure the maximum compensation for a work-related injury or job-related illness. Our personal injury attorneys know dealing with your injuries while navigating a workers’ comp claim in Reading, Pennsylvania can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Reading, Pennsylvania are here to guide you through every step of your workers’ comp case and ensure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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To Get What You Deserve, You Need Legal Representation

The workers’ compensation process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when dealing with a serious injury or illness. That’s where we come in. Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys will handle all the legal details and advocate for your rights so you can focus on your recovery. We will work hard to get you the maximum financial compensation under the law.

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Securing Your Workers' Comp Benefits Requires Representation

Workers’ compensation insurance companies often minimize the compensation they pay to injured workers to increase their profits. As insurance companies value their bottom line over the well-being of injured workers, it is important to have representation from an aggressive Reading, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney who knows how to fight for your rights and properly litigate your workers’ compensation case before a workers’ compensation judge. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers have a proven track record of securing maximum benefits for our clients.

Remember Insurance Companies Have Deep Pockets

Sadly, workers’ compensation insurance carriers spend vast sums of money contesting valid workers’ compensation claims. Specifically, they hire aggressive insurance defense law firms because they would rather pay attorneys instead of compensating injured workers. Representation by equally fierce Reading, Penn workers’ compensation lawyers is essential.

Win Big Law's Aggressive Attorneys Fight for You

At Win Big Law, our Reading workers’ compensation attorneys have a reputation for being aggressive and tenacious in fighting for our clients’ rights. Insurance companies know who are and also know that we refuse to be intimidated by them or their defense lawyers when litigating workers compensation cases. Our Reading workers’ comp lawyers know the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation law and will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.

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If you suffered a workplace injury or developed a job-related illness, get the legal representation you deserve immediately. We represent injured workers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

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What Happened To You On The Job?

If you were injured while working in the course of your employment in Reading, Pennsylvania you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under Pennsylvania law. You can also make a workers’ compensation claim if you develop an occupational disease. At Win Big Law, our experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys are well versed in workers’ compensation law and can help you navigate the complex process of litigating a workers’ comp claim and ensure you receive the medical care and financial benefits you require.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Broken bones, sprains?

Workplace accidents often feature employees suffering injuries due to a severe physical impact, e.g., a fall, being struck by debris or heavy objects, or car accidents. Accordingly, injuries such as muscle strains or fractured bones are common. Whether you suffered a sprain or broken bone, the Reading workers’ compensation lawyers at Win Big Law will fight to ensure you receive proper medical benefits and disability benefits.

Traumatic injuries

Bruises, lacerations, head trauma?

Not all workplace accidents cause employees to suffer broken bones. In 2021, nearly 33% of workers’ compensation claims were for bruises and lacerations while head injuries accounted for 11% of workers’ compensation claims. A Reading workers’ comp attorney can help you obtain compensation for your medical bills and obtain benefits such as vocational rehabilitation.

Occupational illnesses

Occupational diseases?

Not all Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases result from physical injuries. You can still receive workers’ compensation benefits if you develop an occupational disease. If you are employed in an industry with known occupational hazards, e.g., black lung disease from coal mining, Pennsylvania law presumes your disease is work-related which means you can seek workers’ comp benefits.

Mental health conditions

Mental health trauma?

You can still seek Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits due to a psychological condition in Reading. Pennsylvania law recognizes three types of claims for mental health-related injuries. Specifically, you can receive benefits if:

  • You suffered a physical injury which then causes a debilitating mental health condition.
  • You develop a debilitating bodily injury due to a psychological stressor.
  • You develop a debilitating mental health condition due to a traumatic event or constant external psychological pressure.

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Our office is located in Richboro, but we litigate workers’ compensation claims and personal injury cases for people from all locations in southeastern Pennsylvania including:

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Frank and Marisa, are experienced attorneys who founded the Win Big Law with the mission of protecting the rights of injured workers. Time is not on your side as you only have 120 days to place your employer on notice of your injury and three years from the day of your injury to make a workers’ compensation claim. If you suffered an on-the-job-related injury, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer and to learn more about the representation our experienced attorneys can provide, and to learn if you have a viable workers compensation case.