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If a workplace injury in the Steel City has you facing financial hardships from mounting medical bills and lost wages, it’s time to seek professional legal guidance. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers in Pittsburgh can provide the support you need, whether you’re applying for workers’ comp benefits for the first time or encountering issues with your existing claims. 

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Our team of seasoned Pennsylvania workers’ comp attorneys knows what steps to take to protect your interests. Our lawyers specialize in offering personalized service and effectively managing workers’ comp cases, having recovered over $1 million in settlements, ensuring that your rights are upheld and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Put Win Big’s Track Record to Use to Maximize Your Workers’ Comp Case

At Win Big, our proven track record in securing substantial settlement awards for workplace injuries is a cornerstone of our success. From a $250K settlement for knee and ankle injuries to $130K for lower back issues, our attorneys have demonstrated their ability to achieve significant financial outcomes for clients like you. 

This success extends to guiding you through the complexities of ending benefits, whether through termination, modification, or suspension and ensuring you are well-prepared to handle these challenges. With a Pittsburgh workers’ compensation lawyer, you gain access to a team that provides the highest level of support throughout your workers’ compensation claim process.

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Kevin Allen
My attorney Marisa Hill was the best! She stayed in contact with me, kept me informed and stayed on the mission! (To get me compensated and to get my health back in order)! I would refer #WinBig to anyone who needs an attorney! If you’re looking for a law firm that puts their clients first and make sure we get compensated, I’ll say give #WinBig a chance and you won’t regret it!!!
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Quan Ponder
Even with not knowing much they were very patient and helpful they have a great team.
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Nakesha Bridges
Luis Dutary
Luis Dutary
I suffered a truck accident back in November of 2023, Thanks to Marissa Hill and Frank I was able to successfully win the case due to their hard work and the fact that they were relentless with helping me wanting to win the case. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for great attorneys that won’t leave them hanging. They walked me throughout the entire process assuring me that they had my back. I would definitely love to work with them again if it came down to it!!
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Alpha West
I am immensely grateful for having discovered this law firm. The team there was an invaluable asset throughout my legal journey, offering comprehensive support in every facet of my case. Their expertise not only guided me through the complexities of the legal system but also played a pivotal role in ensuring that justice was served in my favor. What truly sets them apart is their professionalism paired with a genuine sense of care and dedication towards their clients. This combination is rare and made my experience with them exceptionally positive.
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steve garcia
What can I say they took my info and in know time everything was resolved the staff was amazing always kept in contact not only for updates but for my well being thank you guys a million
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Izzy Money
The law firm is the best. Thanks I appreciate y’all so much

Why You Need to Hire A Seasoned Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Hiring a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer is essential when dealing with complex workplace injury claims. With years of practice under their belts, Win Big’s attorneys excel in managing cases where your personal injury has led to substantial medical bills and lost wages.

They are adept at addressing various legal challenges, such as dealing with employers and insurance companies that may try to deny your claim. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorney also ensures that all necessary paperwork and evidence are properly handled to strengthen injured workers’ cases, helping to secure the best possible outcome for your workers’ comp settlement.

Common Injuries in Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation claims often involve injuries that can significantly impact an employee’s health and ability to work. These injuries vary widely, from physical damage that impedes movement to psychological conditions that can arise after traumatic workplace events. 

Understanding these common injuries can help Pittsburgh workers recognize their own symptoms and seek appropriate legal and medical support.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries, like sprains and strains, commonly occur in environments requiring repetitive tasks or heavy lifting. These conditions can cause intense pain and lead to chronic mobility issues that might hinder daily activities and work duties. Effective treatment and ongoing rehabilitation are often needed to manage the symptoms and help an injured worker regain their functional abilities.

Traumatic injuries

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries, including bone fractures and concussions, typically result from workplace accidents such as falls or equipment failures. These injuries demand prompt medical care such as surgery to prevent long-term consequences and can lead to extensive periods away from work, creating significant personal and financial hardships. 

Recovery from a traumatic injury involves physical therapy and may require adjustments in job responsibilities to accommodate reduced capacities.

Occupational illnesses

Illnesses or Diseases

Workplace exposure to harmful substances can lead to chronic illnesses or diseases like respiratory conditions and cancer. These ailments may develop slowly but have lasting impacts on health and well-being, requiring ongoing medical monitoring and interventions. 

Prevention and early detection are key to managing these occupational diseases, emphasizing the importance of workplace safety measures.

Mental health conditions

Emotional Trauma

Pennsylvania law acknowledges the complexity of mental health conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression stemming from work-related incidents, including harassment or discrimination. Workers can file claims for psychological injuries that result from physical trauma, external stressors causing physical conditions, or traumatic events leading directly to mental health issues. 

Support and legal recognition of mental health conditions are critical for affected workers, ensuring they receive necessary mental health treatments and compensation.

Ways Workers Comp Benefits Can End

Understanding the circumstances under which workers’ comp benefits can end is crucial for employees who rely on this form of financial support after a workplace injury. Benefits may cease for several reasons, each governed by specific regulations and the workers’ compensation law, which ensures fair treatment under the law.

Termination of Workers’ Comp Benefits

Termination of workers’ comp benefits can occur if an insurer determines that an employee no longer meets the compensation criteria due to recovery or non-compliance with medical guidelines. This often involves a formal review and potential legal proceedings, where workers have the opportunity to contest the decision.

Modification of Workers’ Comp Benefits

When an employee’s medical condition improves to a point where they can perform some work, albeit with restrictions, workers’ comp benefits may be modified rather than terminated. The modification process typically relies on updated medical assessments and might result in adjusted compensation levels.

Warning Signs of Petition For Modification Or Termination

Be alert to signals such as frequent requests for your medical records or sudden invitations to independent medical examinations. These can indicate that your employer or their insurance company is considering a modification or termination of your benefits.

Suspension of Workers’ Comp Benefits

A suspension of your benefits might be implemented if there is evidence that you’re not following prescribed medical treatments or if you are able to return to work in a role that matches your previous salary. This suspension can be challenged if it is not justly warranted.

Reinstatement of Workers’ Comp Benefits

If benefits were previously suspended or terminated, reinstatement is possible under certain conditions, such as a proven deterioration in the employee’s medical condition. The process for reinstatement requires submitting a petition and demonstrating an increased or recurring disability.

What to Do If Workers’ Comp Benefits End Too Soon

If your workers’ comp benefits end prematurely, it’s important to know how to respond effectively. You have the right to challenge a suspension, especially if it was based on allegations that you missed medical appointments unauthorized by your employer or insurer. 

Moreover, if you can prove that you attended the required treatments or were unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control, you may be eligible to have your benefits reinstated. It’s important to act quickly and consult with a seasoned workers’ comp attorney to proceed with the appeal process successfully.

Why Pittsburgh Residents Choose Win Big Law’s Attorneys

Pittsburgh residents trust Win Big Law’s attorneys due to their proven track record, personalized service, and deep commitment to securing maximum compensation for workers’ comp claims. The law firm’s expertise and dedicated approach ensure that each client receives individualized legal representation and compassionate support tailored to their specific needs. 

Our Workers’ Comp Lawyers’ Years of Practice

With decades of combined experience, Win Big’s workers’ compensation attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge to every case. Their long-standing practice in workers’ comp law ensures they are well-versed in both typical and complex claim scenarios, providing you with the highest level of legal advocacy.

Personalized Services

Win Big Law stands out by offering personalized services that cater to each client’s unique circumstances. This approach includes detailed case evaluation, tailored legal strategies, and ongoing communication to keep you informed and involved throughout your legal journey. This client-centered service is fundamental to achieving successful outcomes and client satisfaction.

How to Win Big in Pittsburgh

Understanding the steps to handling a workers’ comp claim effectively in Pittsburgh can greatly improve your chances of a favorable outcome. From properly filing your claim to managing medical and legal procedures, each step is crucial. Below, we outline strategic actions that can strengthen your case and enhance your prospects with our lawyers.

File A Claim

Initiate your workers’ comp claim by filing the necessary forms with your employer as required under Pennsylvania law. It’s important to notify your employer about your injury within 120 days to maintain eligibility for benefits. For benefits to be retroactive, you must report the injury within 21 days of its occurrence. This timely reporting is crucial to ensure you receive all potential benefits available under the law.

Collect All Information Regarding Your Claim

While filing a workers’ comp claim in Pittsburgh, you should begin gathering all pertinent information. This includes witness statements, photographs of the accident scene, and any relevant medical records. Documenting everything meticulously strengthens your claim and helps you demonstrate the extent of your injuries and their impact on your work.

Visit Your Doctor

Prioritize your health and get an independent medical exam by consulting with your doctor to establish a treatment plan right after your workplace accident. Following your doctor’s recommendations and taking prescribed medications support your workers’ comp claim by documenting your injuries and recovery efforts.

Call the Lawyers at Win Big Law

Engage with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney early in the process to win big in Pittsburgh. Our workers’ comp lawyers can handle legal challenges, advocate on your behalf, and help avoid the pitfalls that might weaken your claim. Their expertise in handling workers’ comp claims ensures that your rights are protected and that you are positioned to receive the maximum compensation available.

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Win Big Law stands out as your premier choice for handling Pittsburgh workers’ compensation claims. Our dedicated team of attorneys, Frank, and Marisa offer personalized attention and aggressive representation to ensure your rights are protected. With their in-depth knowledge and unwavering dedication, they’ll fight tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation and benefits you rightfully deserve.

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Pittsburgh Workers’ Comp FAQs

Yes, representation is needed if your workers’ comp claim was denied. Employers and insurers often deny claims by arguing that injuries were not work-related or occurred outside work tasks. 

Seasoned Pittsburgh workers’ compensation attorneys can effectively handle the appeals process, increasing your chances of overturning the denial, especially during hearings with a workers’ compensation judge.

In Pennsylvania, the duration of workers’ compensation benefits can vary. If deemed temporarily totally disabled, you are eligible for benefits for 104 weeks, after which an Impairment Rating Evaluation may be required to assess ongoing disability. For permanent partial disability, benefits may extend up to 500 weeks.

Yes, in Pennsylvania, part-time and seasonal workers are eligible for workers’ compensation. The law includes a broad definition of “employee,” ensuring coverage for most types of workers, regardless of their employment status.

The settlement amount in Pittsburgh depends on factors like the severity of your injury and your average weekly wage. You may negotiate a lump-sum settlement, opting to forgo future medical benefits or consider a structured settlement for tax advantages and extended financial security.

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