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If you have been injured at work, you need the legal services of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who understands Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation law. Refrain from relying on your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. At Win Big, our Pennsylvania attorneys focus on helping injured employees in their fight to receive the benefits they deserve.

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Assisting Injured Workers With Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law

Many employees make the mistake of seeking workers’ compensation benefits without obtaining legal representation. Our experienced team of workers’ compensation lawyers in Media, PA, are here to guide you through the complexities of Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation law. We provide comprehensive assistance to injured workers in Media, PA, helping them navigate the legal process and secure the workers’ compensation benefits to recover from their injuries and rebuild their lives.

Dependable Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Media, PA

At Win Big Law, we take pride in being dependable advocates for injured workers in Media, PA, and Delaware County. Our law firm regularly battles well-known employers in Delaware County, such as Boeing, UPS, and Giant Foods, in workers’ compensation legal matters. With our extensive knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation law, you can trust us to handle your case with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

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Why Win Big Has The Right Media Workers' Compensation Attorneys For You

In 2021, 2,768 workers’ compensation claims were filed in Delaware County. Choosing the right PA workers’ compensation attorney can significantly affect the outcome of these cases. The Win Big law office has a proven track record of success, as seen by the favorable settlements and awards we have obtained for our clients.

Our Reputation For “Winning Big”

At Win Big Law, we have built a strong reputation for “winning big” regarding workers’ compensation and personal injury cases in Media, PA. Many personal injury law offices are afraid or unwilling to litigate difficult cases. Our law firm is not afraid to fight powerful workers’ compensation insurance companies, which is why they know who we are and the results we have obtained for our clients.

Who Is Eligible For Workers' Compensation?

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to most employees who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses. Under Pennsylvania law, employees include full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers. However, independent contractors and volunteers are generally not eligible for PA workers’ compensation benefits.

What Workplace Injuries Are Covered?

To make a workers’ comp claim, Pennsylvania law requires an employee to suffer an accidental injury or develop an illness while in the course and scope of their employment. Pennsylvania law broadly defines accidental injuries and occupational diseases. Accordingly, injured employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for various workplace injuries and illnesses.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

An injury affecting a person’s muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves is considered a musculoskeletal injury. While this definition is broad, in 2021, 5832 workers’ compensation claims were filed in Pennsylvania involving bone fractures. A PA workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the necessary benefits if you suffer a musculoskeletal injury.

Traumatic injuries

Traumatic Injuries

Sudden, accidental injuries caused by machinery accidents, burns, or being struck by objects can be life-altering. In 2021, 2,883 workers’ compensation claims were filed due to accidents causing severe burns and amputations. Due to the disabling nature of these injuries, representation by a Media PA workers’ compensation attorney is essential.

Occupational illnesses

Occupational Illnesses

Workers’ compensation insurance also provides benefits for a variety of occupational illnesses. If a person works in an industry with a documented history of occupational diseases, their condition is presumed to be work-related under Pennsylvania law. Due to the complex nature of occupational illness workers’ compensation claims, retaining a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial.

Mental health conditions

Mental Health Conditions

In addition to physical injuries, workers’ compensation insurance also covers claims involving mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, or depression among others. Specifically, victims can make workers’ compensation claims for bodily injuries which cause disabling mental health conditions and mental health conditions which cause disabling physical injuries. Victims can also seek workers’ comp benefits for disabling mental health conditions caused by external mental health stressors.

Knowing Types Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Pennsylvania enacted the Workers’ Compensation Act to assist injured employees. Before the enactment of this law, injured employees who were unable to work were forced to rely on their families, charities, and public benefits for financial support. Workers’ compensation benefits aim to provide financial assistance and support to injured workers.

Lost Wages (Indemnity)

Many workers cannot return to work due to their injuries. Injured workers who cannot work can seek temporary total disability benefits, which pay 2/3rds of their lost wages. Injured workers who can only return to work at light duty capacity can seek Temporary partial disability benefits, which pay 2/3rds of the difference between their pre-injury and post-injury wages.

Permanent Disability Wages

Many workers are left permanently disabled due to their injuries. Accordingly, they are entitled to a permanency award under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law. A permanency award is based on the severity of a victim’s disability along with the portion of the body which was injured.

Medical Bills

Arguably, the most popular benefit of workers’ compensation insurance is reimbursement for medical care. Under Pennsylvania law, workers’ compensation insurance must cover all medical expenses related to a worker’s injury. While workers are allowed to choose their medical providers, they must treat with a medical provider selected by their employer for the first 90 following an accident.

Death Benefits

Some workplace accidents in Media, PA, cause fatal injuries. A deceased worker’s family can seek workers’ compensation death benefits. In addition to funeral and burial expenses, death benefits also provide lost wages.

What To Do After A Work Injury

The time following a work accident in Media, PA, is crucial. There are many steps an injured worker can take to improve the legal and factual strength of their workers’ comp claim. In addition to obtaining medical treatment, you should obtain potential witnesses’ names and contact information.

Report Your Injury

Notify your employer or supervisor about your injury as soon as possible. Under Pennsylvania law, you must notify your employer of your injuries within 120 days of the accident. Failure to notify your employer may preclude you from pursuing a workers’ compensation claim.

Get Medical Attention

Seek immediate medical attention for your injury. A common defense used by employers is using delays in obtaining medical treatment to minimize or deny workers’ compensation claims. Follow your healthcare provider’s advice and keep a record of all medical treatments and expenses.

Learn Your Workers’ Rights

Very often, employers provide only minimal information regarding workers’ compensation benefits. In short, they do not want injured employees to know their legal rights. Consult with our Media, PA workers’ compensation lawyers to understand the legal process and protect your interests.

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What To Do Before Filing A Workers' Comp Claim

Before filing a workers’ comp claim, you should gather all relevant documents, such as photographs and medical records. Additionally, you should prepare a PA LIBC-100 Claim Form. Finally, only speak with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier if retaining a Media, PA workers’ compensation attorney.

What To Do If Your Workers' Comp Claim Was Denied

Do not give up if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied. Our Media, and PA workers’ compensation lawyers, can help you understand the reasons for the denial. Additionally, our Pennsylvania super lawyers can guide you through the process of appealing the decision.

Reasons For Denial

While workers’ compensation insurance is no-fault, there are still legal and factual defenses an employer can raise. Common reasons for a workers’ compensation claim to be denied include:

  • The injury resulted from the employee being intoxicated.
  • The employee did not suffer an injury.
  • The injury is not work-related or occurred while the employee was outside the scope of their employment.
  • The injury occurred to the employee engaging in wilful misconduct or violating a positive order.
  • The employee suffered the injury as a result of a hostile attack.
  • The employee suffered the injury while committing a felony.

The attorneys at the Win Big law firm will review your case, identify the reasons for denial, and develop a strong appeal strategy.

How To Appeal Claim Denials

The level of appellate review for denied claims is the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. The Board has many powers, including the ability to remand a denied claim for further hearings. Denied claims can also be further appealed through the Pennsylvania Court system, including up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

What To Do When Workers' Compensation Benefits End

Pennsylvania law places limits on workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits for employees who are temporarily disabled end after 104 weeks. Employees who are permanently partially disabled are entitled to receive benefits for 500 weeks before they must submit to an Impairment Rating Evaluation.

Termination Of Workers' Comp Benefits

Before workers’ comp benefits can be terminated, your employer must file a petition for a termination hearing. An employer can seek a termination based on the following:

  • The employee is convicted of a crime which results in incarceration.
  • The employee intentionally failed to appear for a medical evaluation.
  • The employee deliberately ignored medical advice.
  • The 500-week period ended.
  • The case settles.

If your workers’ compensation benefits are terminated prematurely, our skilled attorneys can assess the situation and help you determine the appropriate course of action.

Modification Of Workers' Comp Benefits

A modification means an employer wants to reduce workers’ compensation benefits. If there are changes to your condition which affect your ability to work, your workers’ compensation benefits may be modified. Specifically, your employer can seek a modification if they have medical evidence proving you can return to work or no longer require medical treatment.

Warning Signs of Modification or Termination

Understanding the warning signs of potential modification or termination of your workers’ compensation benefits can help you stay informed and take proactive measures. Common warning signs include requests for medical records and requests for medical examinations. Our Pennsylvania attorneys can provide guidance on recognizing these signs and taking appropriate action.

Suspension Of Benefits

There are limited instances in which workers’ compensation benefits can be suspended. Your benefits can be suspended if your employer proves you ignored medical advice or intentionally failed to appear for a medical examination. Additionally, your benefits can be suspended if you refuse to accept a new job which pays the same amount of money as your prior position.

Reinstatement Of Work Injury Benefits

If your workers’ compensation benefits have been wrongly suspended or terminated, our attorneys will work tirelessly to reinstate your benefits and pursue the compensation you deserve. You only have three years to seek reinstatement of terminated benefits and ten years to seek reinstatement of suspended benefits. To have your benefits reinstated, you must prove your injury worsened if your benefits were terminated or the reason underlying your suspension is no longer valid.

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