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Have you recently suffered an injury at work? At Win Big, our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys can help guide you through the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims process. Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers practice multiple areas of complex law, and we will fight for your rights and help you secure the compensation you need.

Guiding Injured Workers Through Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law

A workplace accident can be just devastating as an instance of medical malpractice. Worse yet, the Pennsylvania workers’ comp process can be overwhelming. Representation by an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is essential as insurance companies do everything possible to make the process more difficult in order to discourage and wear down injured employees.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Coatesville, PA

In 2021, 4,541 workers’ compensation claims were filed in Chester County, PA. Well known employers in Chester County, PA such as United Parcel Service, Johnson Matthey, Inc., and Herr Foods, Inc., feature working conditions which are ripe for workplace accidents. With years of experience in handling personal injury and workers’ compensation cases throughout Pennsylvania, our dedicated team of super lawyers know how to build strong cases for our clients.

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Why Choose Us as Your Coatesville Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

When it comes to choosing a Coatesville workers’ compensation lawyer, you and your family deserve a team which goes above and beyond. Many personal injury lawyers do not want to invest significant time or resources in their clients’ cases and instead simply seek easy settlements especially in workers’ compensation legal matters. At the Win Big Law Firm, our lawyers not only strive to win your case, but also aim to win big by securing you the maximum compensation available under Pennsylvania law.

Don’t Just Win, Win Big

Our attorneys refuse to be intimidated by insurance companies and will fight tirelessly to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve. With an experienced workers’ compensation attorney by your side, you can expect exceptional representation and to win big.

Who is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Under Pennsylvania law, a victim can seek workers’ comp benefits if they are hurt while in the course and scope of their employment. In addition to full time employees, Pennsylvania law allows seasonal and part-time employees to seek workers’ comp benefits. However, if you were working as a volunteer or independent contractor, you are likely not eligible for benefits.

Understanding the Four Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Prior to the passage of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation act, employees had to rely on their families, public benefits, or charity for economic support and medical expenses. As a result, many workers and their families suffered extreme economic hardships. The benefits provided by workers’ comp are extensive and do much to alleviate the consequences of a workplace injury.

Lost Wages (Indemnity)

If your work-related injury prevents you from working, you can seek temporary total disability benefits (TTD) which will pay you 2/3rds of your salary. If you are able to return to work but your injuries prevent you from working at full capacity, you can seek temporary partial disability benefits (TPD). TPD will replace 2/3rds of your lost wages.

Permanent Disability Wages

If your injuries leave you permanently disabled, you are eligible to seek financial compensation. Specifically, you can seek a financial award based on the permanent nature of your injuries. A permanency award is calculated based on the portion of your body which was injured, along with the extent of your disability and pre-injury earnings.

Medical Bills

Workers’ comp also covers medical expenses related to your work injury. This includes doctor visits, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and any necessary medical treatments to help you recover from your injury or illness. However, you must obtain medical treatment from a doctor approved by your employer for the first 90 days following your accident before you are entitled to choose your own doctor.

Death Benefits

If a work-related injury or illness results in the death of an employee, their dependents may be entitled to death benefits. These benefits provide financial support to qualifying surviving family members. Specifically, death benefits provide a portion of the deceased worker’s wages along with paying for funeral and burial expenses.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ comp covers a wide range of work-related injuries and illnesses. In addition to physical injuries, an injured employee can seek benefits for occupational illnesses. Along with this, injured employees can seek benefits for disabling mental health conditions related to their employment.

How to Begin Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

Employers and insurance companies often make the process more difficult to discourage employees from seeking the benefits they are entitled to claim. At Win Big, a PA workers’ compensation attorney will guide you through every step of the process beginning with gathering evidence and preparing the necessary documentation to ensure your claim is properly prepared and filed in a timely manner. Contact a PA workers’ compensation attorney today for a free consultation.

What To Do After A Work Injury

The time following a workplace accident is critical. You should identify possible witnesses and obtain their contact information. If possible, you document the location of the accident and take photographs or take note of security cameras which may have captured the incident.

Report Your Injury

As soon as you sustain a work-related injury, it is crucial to report it to your employer or supervisor. Pennsylvania law requires an injured employee to report an accident within 120 days to their employer. Following this, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you prepare and file a PA LIBC-500 Claim Form.

Seek Medical Attention

Insurance companies often deny claims by arguing injuries are not related to an accident or are pre-existing. Seeking immediate medical attention is essential for your well-being and documenting your injuries along with the causal connection to the accident. A medical professional will assess your condition, provide necessary treatment, and generate medical reports which can support your workers’ compensation claim.

Know Your Workers’ Rights

Understanding your rights as an injured worker is vital for you and your family. Some employers mislead injured employees by telling them to use their health insurance or by failing to inform them of workers’ comp benefits. At Win Big, a workers compensation attorney will advise you on your rights under Pennsylvania’s workers’ comp laws, including the right to medical treatment, wage replacement, and vocational rehabilitation, if necessary.

What To Do If Your Workers’ Comp Claim Was Denied

Due to the extensive, and expensive, nature of workers’ compensation benefits, it is not unusual for insurance companies to deny claims. Insurance companies deny claims in order to encourage injured employees to abandon their claims. If your claim was denied, the super lawyers at Win Big can still help you claim the benefits you deserve.

Reasons for Denial

Depending on the facts surrounding your injury, there may be one or several reasons your claim was denied. Insurance companies often deny and contest claims by arguing:

  • The accident did not cause the injury or illness.
  • The injury or illness is pre-existing.
  • The injury or illness occurred while the employee was acting outside the scope of their employment.
  • The employee suffered the injury due to a hostile attack.
  • The employee was under the influence of alcohol or drugs which directly caused their injury.
  • The employee violated a workplace rule.
  • The employee suffered the injury while committing a crime.

At Win Big, a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer will review your case, identify the reasons for denial, and focus on developing a strategy to address them effectively.

How To Appeal Claim Denials

You can appeal a denied claim directly to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. This board has extensive powers, including the power to reverse a judge’s decision to deny a claim. You can also appeal your case to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and also petition the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review your case.

Speak to Marisa or Frank to Discuss Your Case Today

Insurance companies move quickly to investigate accidents and prepare potential defenses. If you have been involved in an accident, we encourage you to speak with one of our experienced attorneys as soon as possible. Marisa and Frank are ready to listen to your story and provide you with the guidance and representation you need to win your case.

When Workers’ Compensation Benefits End

The length of time a person can receive benefits depends on the severity of their injuries. If you are temporarily totally disabled, you can receive benefits for 104 weeks under Pennsylvania law. If you are permanently partially disabled, Pennsylvania law allows you to receive benefits for 500 weeks.

Termination of Workers' Comp Benefits

Benefits may be terminated once an insurance company obtains a medical opinion stating the victim has reached maximum medical improvement. The insurance company must then file a petition to terminate benefits. An insurance company can also seek to terminate benefits if a victim is convicted of a crime and is sentenced to prison, ignores medical advice, or fails to appear for a medical appointment.

Modification of Workers Comp Benefits

If there is a change in your medical condition or work status, your workers’ compensation benefits may be modified. Your employer must obtain a medical opinion stating you can return to work. Additionally, your employer can seek a modification if they obtain a medical opinion stating you require less medical treatment.

Warning Signs of Modification or Termination

Your employer and their insurance carrier are not permitted to simply stop paying your workers’ compensation benefits. Accordingly, it is important to be aware of certain warning signs which indicate your employer is seeking to modify to terminate your benefits. Specifically, your employer may be seeking a modification or termination if they order you to undergo an examination by a vocational rehabilitation specialist or by a medical doctor.

Suspension of Benefits

In certain situations, workers’ compensation benefits may be suspended temporarily. Specifically, your benefits can be suspended if you intentionally fail to appear for a medical appointment or if you decline an alternative position which offers comparable pay. Pennsylvania law allows you to challenge your suspension if you can demonstrate the reason for the suspension no longer exists.

Reinstatement of Work Injury Benefits

If your workers’ compensation benefits have been terminated or suspended, our experienced attorneys can help you seek reinstatement of those benefits. If your benefits were terminated, you have three years to seek a reinstatement but must also prove your injury has worsened. If your benefits were suspended, you have 10 years to seek reinstatement.

Let Win Big Law Fight For Your Workers’ Comp Rights

At Win Big Law, we believe every worker has the right to fair compensation after a work-related injury. Let us fight for your rights and get you the benefits you deserve. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Are You Ready To Win Big?

If you are ready to secure the maximum compensation for your work-related injury, our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers will fight to protect your rights. At Win Big, our workers’ compensation lawyers practice multiple areas of law including medical malpractice and criminal defense. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a premium workers’ compensation lawyer and to learn more about our services.