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There are a number of factors to consider when facing a possible workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania, so it is best to educate yourself about the process. This post will walk you through the steps you need to take to increase your chances of receiving financial compensation for any damages incurred in your workplace accident.

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 Discussing your case with the skilled workers’ compensation lawyers at Win Big Law is the best thing you can do to secure your rightful damage award!  We are well versed in the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act and have helped countless people like yourself win their cases. Here is our step-by-step guide of what to do in the unfortunate event you are a victim of a workplace accident:

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Kevin Allen
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Luis Dutary
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steve garcia
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To Get What You Deserve, You Need Legal Representation

The workers’ compensation process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when dealing with a serious injury or illness. That’s why you need experienced representation. Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys will handle all the legal details and advocate for your rights so you can focus on your recovery. We will work hard to get you the maximum financial compensation under the law.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Why File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Under Section 306(f.1)(1)(i) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, your employer is responsible for advising you of your rights under the Act. At the time of your injury, the employer is required to provide a written account of your rights and duties. Once you know your rights, it is time to assess what care you will need and how to finance it. Filing a workers’ compensation claim achieves that by providing payment for your medical bills, lost wages, and benefits for any permanent injuries or loss of life.  

Medical Bills

You are entitled to payment for reasonable medical services related to your injury. You have 90 days from the time of your accident to meet with an employer designated medical provider in the Bethlehem area. After you meet with the employer designated provider, you are free to choose your own physician.  

Lost Wages

Payout for lost wages is determined by whether you are totally disabled, or partially disabled.

Total Disability

The payout is 2/3rd of your average weekly wage. After 104 weeks of such status, the employer/insurer can require a medical examination to determine if the employee is at least 35 percent impaired based upon his/her work injury according to American Medical Association standards.

Partial Disability

If you cannot return to work full time, you will receive 2/3rds of the difference between your pre-injury wage and post-injury wage. The maximum time allowed to receive partial disability is 500 weeks.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Permanent benefits are available if you have lost a substantial portion of the use of your body (fingers, hand, foot, etc.…). The amount available is calculated by the portion of your body injured and your pre-injury earnings.

Death Benefits

Under Pennsylvania law, death is classified as a compensable injury. If you had a loved one pass away due to a workplace injury or illness, you may be eligible for death benefits to help with expenses and loss of income. The amount you receive depends on your relationship with the victim and the number of children they had before their death.

Win Big Lawyers Can Win Your Workers’ Comp Case

Contacting a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer at Win Big is the first step to a successful workers’ compensation case. We will work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success.

Insurance Companies Have Resources (That You Don’t)

At the Win Big Law Firm, our workers’ compensation lawyers’ level the playing field by refusing to be intimidated. We will not back down and will fight for the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers who work to minimize the workers’ compensation benefits they pay to injured workers. In addition to lawyers and adjusters, insurance companies often hire investigators to follow injured employees to verify their injuries and medical treatment.

Win Big Law’s Attorneys Fight for You

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Bethlehem, Penn. have the experience and knowledge to navigate the workers’ compensation system and fight for your rights. Before founding Win Big Law, our Penn workers’ compensation lawyers developed their litigation skills by working as elite prosecutors and insurance defense attorneys. Now, our workers’ compensation lawyers use their advocacy skills to get injured workers the benefits they deserve.

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If you suffered a workplace injury or developed a job-related illness, get the legal representation you deserve immediately. We represent injured workers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

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How Were You Hurt on the Job?

Several types of injuries and occupational illnesses are considered compensable workers’ compensation claims. Win Big Law is experienced in workers’ compensation law and representing clients in all types of workers’ compensation cases. Contact us today to get a free consultation from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Broken Bones, Sprained Joints?

A common workplace injury involves bones and joints being broken or sprained. Depending on the severity of the injury, a broken bone can require extensive rehabilitation.

Traumatic injuries

Head Trauma, Contusions, Lacerations?

One of the most severe injuries an employee can sustain at work is a mild traumatic head injury, otherwise known as a concussion. If you suffer from post-concussion syndrome or some form of traumatic brain injury related to a workplace accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Occupational illnesses

Occupational illness?

Under Pennsylvania law, your illness is presumed to be work-related if it is a known hazard in your occupational field. Your disability must occur within 300 weeks of your last employment in an occupation where you were exposed to the hazard.

Mental health conditions

Mental Health Suffering?

Under Pennsylvania law, there are three types of workers’ compensation claims for mental health-related injuries such as stress or anxiety. You can claim workers’ compensation benefits if:

  • You suffered a physical injury which caused you to develop a debilitating mental health condition.
  • You suffer a bodily injury as a result of a work-related psychological stressor.
  • You develop a debilitating mental health condition due to work-related psychological stressors.

The Next Steps For Win Big to Fight for You

If you have been injured on the job, there are actions you can take to increase the strength of your workers' compensation claim. Following your accident, you should document your injuries and the facts of the accident. The more information you can provide the better Win Big can perform for you.  

Time is of the essence when it comes to reporting your injury. Your workers’ compensation claim is barred if you fail to report your injury to your employer within 120 days of your accident.

Under Pennsylvania law, if a company employs any workers, then they must have workers’ compensation insurance. Employers are required to post form LIBC-100. This form provides the name and information of the employers’ workers compensation insurance carrier. If you are injured on site, you will file your claim with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Given the importance of properly completing this form it is a good idea to consult a workers’ compensation attorney to guide you through the process.

If your employer denies your claim or fails to act, there is a strict deadline of three years from the date of injury to file a claim petition to ensure you do not lose your right to benefits.

The most important thing is your safety. After your injury, seek treatment as soon as possible. Please remember though, that for the first 90 days following your accident, you must obtain treatment from your employer’s designated medical provider. Once you have met that obligation, you are free to choose your own physician for the remainder of your case.

Call Win Big Law and speak with one of our experienced Bethlehem workers’ compensation lawyers about your work injury claim. Our workers’ compensation lawyers are here to help you get the benefits you deserve. To learn more about the representation and legal services our personal injury attorneys provide in workers’ comp cases, contact our law firm today to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer and receive a free consultation for your workers’ compensation matter.

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Our law firm features a team of experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers serving Bethlehem, who are dedicated to protecting your rights and getting you the maximum compensation you deserve for your workplace injuries. Our workers’ compensation lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the benefits you need to recover and rebuild your life. With their knowledge and experience in the field of workers’ compensation law and related practice areas such as medical malpractice and personal injury, you can trust that your workers’ compensation case is in good hands.