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Before the introduction of workers’ compensation insurance, a person who was injured due to a workplace accident faced several legal defenses, which made it nearly impossible to obtain financial compensation. As a result of this growing problem, Pennsylvania passed the workers’ compensation act which requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance which provides several benefits for injured workers. If you were recently injured in a workplace accident, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Win Big Law serving Abington, Pennsylvania can help you navigate the workers’ compensation claims process.

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Are you a resident of Abington, Pennsylvania who has been injured on the job or was recently diagnosed with a job-related illness? At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers want the best possible outcome for your workers’ compensation case. Unlike other personal injury lawyers who refuse to fight for their clients or seek easy financial settlements, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers will fight for your rights and make sure you receive the full benefits you deserve.

Abington Residents Know About Workers' Compensation

In 2021, 6,487 workers’ compensation claims originated from Montgomery County. Sadly, Montgomery County was among Pennsylvania’s top five jurisdictions where workers’ compensation claims were filed. This is not unusual as some of the largest employers in Montgomery County, such as Albert Einstein Medical Center, United Parcel Service, and Hatfield Quality Meats, have working conditions in which innocent employees are likely to suffer terrible injuries.

Workers' Compensation Is Designed to Protect You

Workers’ compensation is a system which is designed to protect you in the event you suffer an occupational injury due to either your own negligence or another person’s negligence as workers’ compensation insurance is no-fault, i.e., you do not have to prove fault to receive financial compensation. To have a compensable claim, you must have suffered a work injury while in the scope and course of your employment. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers will ensure you understand your rights and the benefits available to you and will fight to ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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Kevin Allen
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steve garcia
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To Get What You Deserve, You Need Legal Representation

The workers’ compensation process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when dealing with a serious injury or illness. That’s why you need experienced representation on your side. Our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys will handle all the legal details and advocate for your rights so you can focus on your recovery. We will work hard to get you the maximum financial compensation under the law.

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What Workers' Compensation Provides

Injured workers are entitled to several benefits. Many of these benefits are financial. Due to the numerous defenses asserted by workers’ compensation insurance companies, representation by an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney is essential to ensure you receive the benefits you require.

Paying Medical Bills

Workers’ compensation will cover the cost of your medical treatment, including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and rehabilitation. This is arguably the most popular benefit provided by workers’ compensation insurance. There are some limitations as you must first treat with your employer’s medical provider for the first 90 days following your accident.

Covering Lost Wages

Workers’ compensation insurance provides compensation for your lost wages if you cannot work because of your injury. You can seek temporary total disability benefits, which pays 2/3rds of your average weekly salary if you cannot work due to your injuries. If you can return to work at a light-duty capacity and are earning less money, you can seek temporary partial disability benefits, which pays 2/3rds of your pre-injury wage.

Vocational Retraining

Under Pennsylvania law, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier can require you to undergo vocational rehabilitation. If the insurance company proves you have recovered sufficiently, you must meet with a vocational rehabilitation expert. This expert will attempt to find employment that can accommodate any work restrictions with your employer or another company.

Benefits for Permanent Disability

Many workplace accidents cause employees to suffer injuries which leave them permanently disabled. Under Pennsylvania law, you are entitled to seek financial compensation based on your disability. Specifically, you can receive monetary compensation based on your pre-injury wages and the extent of your disability.

Benefits for Fatal Accidents

Workers’ compensation will provide death benefits to your loved ones if your injury results in death. Specifically, your family can obtain financial compensation for funeral expenses and wage replacement. Your relationship with your along with the number of children you have affects the amount of monetary benefits your family receives from workers’ compensation.

Win Big Law Fights for Your Workers' Compensation Benefits

Insurance carriers earn more money when they deny claims or minimize benefits. Accordingly, workers’ compensation insurance companies routinely retain aggressive defense attorneys to contest claims. Due to the fierce defenses raised by insurance companies, representation by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is essential.

Insurance Companies Benefit When You Don't

Insurance companies and their attorneys use various tools to defend or minimize the value of workers’ compensation claims. Specifically, they often hire private investigators to follow injured workers to gather evidence which shows the employees performing physical activities and use this evidence to argue the employees are not injured. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers will not allow insurance companies to take advantage of you.

Experienced Lawyers Get the Job Done

Our workers’ compensation lawyers have years of experience fighting for the rights of injured workers. We know workers’ compensation law, and we know how to win. Insurance companies know who we are and the favorable results we have obtained in court for our clients.

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If you suffered a workplace injury or developed a job-related illness, get the legal representation you deserve immediately. We represent injured workers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

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The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries come in all shapes and sizes. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, in 2021 some of the leading causes of workplace injuries include:

  • Overexertion
  • Physical impacts
  • Falls
  • Motor vehicle accidents,
  • Crush accidents

These accidents cause workers to suffer a variety of painful injuries.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Bruises, cuts, and head injuries

Employees involved in falls and automobile collisions often suffer physical bruising and head injuries. Depending on the facts of the accidents, the injuries can range from minor to severe. These types of injuries can occur in a variety of settings.

Traumatic injuries

Fractures and sprains

Falls, physical impacts, and crush accidents can cause workers to suffer painful and debilitating injuries. Specifically, broken bones can result from workers suffering severe falls or physical impacts. Less severe accidents often result in victims suffering muscle sprains.

Occupational illnesses

Occupational illnesses

Workers’ compensation insurance is expansive and provides benefits for several illnesses and diseases. Under Pennsylvania law, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits for an occupational disease. Additionally, your illness is presumed to be work-related and therefore covered under workers’ compensation if you work in a field with a known occupational hazard.

Mental health conditions

Psychological trauma

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you have suffered emotional or psychological trauma, such as stress or anxiety, due to a workplace incident. A workers’ compensation attorney serving Abington, Penn understands the unique challenges of these types of claims. Under Pennsylvania law, you can seek benefits if:

You develop a psychological condition which renders you unable to work due to a physical injury.

You develop a physical condition which renders you unable to work due to employment-related mental stress.

You develop a psychological disorder which renders you unable to work due to employment-related mental stress.

Next Steps for Win Big to Fight for You

The time following your accident is crucial. This is because evidence and witnesses are readily available.
Following an accident, you should:

  • Immediately seek medical treatment.
  • Place your employer on notice of the accident and your injuries
  • Take photographs of the area where the accident occurred
  • Identify potential witnesses and obtain their contact information
  • Avoid talking with your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier
  • Consult an Abington, Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorney

The first step in the workers’ compensation process is to report your injury to your employer. After the incident, this should be done as soon as possible, as you only have 120 days to report your injury, or your workers’ compensation claim is barred. An experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer can help guide you through this process and ensure your rights are protected.

Once your injury has been reported, the next step is to file a LIBC-100, which is the official claim form for workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania. This form must be displayed at your place of employment and contains the contact information for your employer’s insurance company. At Win Big Law, our workers’ compensation attorneys serving Abington, Penn have extensive experience with this form and can help ensure it is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

It is important to seek medical attention after an injury or illness as soon as possible. Following the 90-day waiting period following your accident, you should speak with your primary care provider. At Win Big Law, our Abington workers’ compensation lawyers can help ensure that you receive the proper medical treatment by finding your medical provider if you do not have a primary care provider.

If you or a loved one has been injured or fallen ill as a result of a job, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced Pa workers’ compensation lawyers at Win Big Law. We are here to help you navigate the workers’ compensation claims process and provide outstanding legal representation. Contact us today for a free consultation.  

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